Virtual National Forest

Help Us Restore Our Forests

Black Forest is inspired by real forests and we want to make sure they thrive for years to come. In 2019, you helped us raise $100,000 to plant 100,000 trees. This year we wanted to see that number grow. So beginning this Arbor Day (April 24th), we’re joining forces with the National Forest Foundation to put our money where the trees are and keep things Real Juicy, Real Good.

We’re planting 500,000 trees in 2020 and 1.5 million over the next three years.

In addition to the $500,000 we’re donating this year, we set aside another $50,000 to donate and asked our friends and followers to support the cause by building the first ever Virtual National Forest from home.

For every photo of a tree on Instagram tagged with we pledged to donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation. Every tree planted on Instagram between Arbor Day and June 30 planted one in real life. Stay tuned for the results!

To further support tree planting and conservation, learn how you can get involved below, and follow us on Instagram to stay involved with our initiatives.

Black Forest Virtual National Forest

How You Can Help

Plant a tree in the Virtual National Forest by commenting with on your photos of trees. We’ll donate $1 for every use of the hashtag (up to $50,000). Visit the forest by tapping on the hashtag and scrolling through photos from around the country.

Become a friend of the forest by visiting and learn how to help the NFF restore and enhance our nation’s existing forests.

Plant a tree on IG,we'll plant one IRL

Comment on your own photos or use ours. Download and post using