Our Mission

Hard work never tasted so good

Black Forest celebrates the simple goodness of real fruit juice for an extra soft and fruity delight in every bite. Our premium, fruit forward products are inspired by the delicious taste and benefits of real fruit. With this in mind, we take a thoughtful approach to ensure our ingredients and products give you the most deliciously fruity experience. 

  • Made with Fruit Juice

    We use fruit juice* to keep our snacks tasting…juicy.

  • Made with Colors from Real Sources

    With Black Forest products, many of the colors you see are derived from plant-based sources. THAT’s something to feel good about!

  • Soft and Chewy

    Our soft and bouncy gummies and fruit flavored snacks are ones you’ll love at first bite.

  • Gluten Free

    Yep! All of our gummies and fruit flavored snacks are either gluten free or Certified Gluten Free. And don’t forget, every delicious bag is fat free, too!

  • BF_Website_ForestFoundation_Icon.png
    Forest Friendly

    Black Forest is inspired by real forests and we want to make sure they thrive for years to come. Joining forces with the National Forest Foundation has resulted in real good impact over the years. In 2023, the reforestation resulted in 250,000 trees being planted across 7 national forests.

How to recycle our packaging

  • BF_Website_How2Recycle_Icon
    Step 1

    Real Good Requires Real Action. In order to recycle, your Black Forest packaging first make sure your snack wrapper has a store drop-off recyclable symbol similar to the above photo.

  • BF_Website_Locator_Icon.png
    Step 2

    Make real impact and help Black Forest recycle! Once you have identified that your pack qualifies for in-store recycling find a location to recycle near you

  • blackforest_website_educate_icon
    Step 3

    Before heading to drop-off location learn more about how to recycle efficiently here. Our best tip? Collect multiple wrappers and packaging for one easy drop off.

* please refer to product information pages for percentages of fruit juice for each item.