Certified Organic. Certifiably Delicious.

You can’t be a candy maker without being a candy taster. No wonder we’re all smiles.

Black Forest Organic thinks you deserve the best…of everything. That’s why we make mouth-watering candy using only the most thoughtful, premium ingredients, a ton of passion and a touch of love.

Black Forest Organic is a labor of pure candy love. In 2015, we set off to make the world’s most uncompromisingly delicious candy. As passionate lovers of premium candy, we envisioned batched-made sweets that could delight the palate, mind and soul. Committed to making only USDA Certified Organic candy, we pioneered new cooking methods and scoured the globe for carefully sourced ingredients. We believe in a small batch process, that delivers big flavor at a sensible price.

The results of our candy love can now be found in each and every pack of Black Forest Organic candy at retailers everywhere.

Hard work never tasted so good.

Always USDA Certified Organic.

Our candy is USDA Certified Organic, which gives us the right to put this nifty seal on our packaging. But what does that seal tell you about the candy inside?


Sound like a lot of trouble to go through for candy? Not to us. When we say you deserve the best of everything, we mean it. Candy is no exception. And the best candy should be something that doesn’t just taste good, but that you can feel good about eating. Of course Black Forest Organic Candy tastes a whole lot better than merely good. It tastes certifiably delicious. And the fact that it’s also certified organic? That’s certifiably amazing. 

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