Real Gummies of the Black Forest

Meet the Organics — stars of the Real Gummies of The Black Forest. This privileged family of gummy bears is certified organic and certifiably delicious. Small in stature and full of ‘tude, they keep it so real, they just had to get their own reality show.  After all, a family with this much natural flavor deserves to be famous.

Mr. Organic

Goes by Mr. O. He’s 0 pounds .00004 ounces of unadulterated manliness. At least, that’s what he thinks. He also fancies himself young and hip. His family, who have to put up with his corny jokes and mangled internet slang, probably disagree. While his eye may wander, it always lands on Mrs. Organic. No doubt, she’s his BAE. Not that he knows what that means. His favorite band is Coldplay.

Mrs. Organic

She’s Mr. O’s better half. The only thing fiercer than Mrs. O’s fashion sense is her sense of pride in being An Organic. And she takes great pains to make sure her children understand what that means. Not that she wants to raise them to be snobs…but really, who has time for false modesty? Not Mrs. O. It practically goes without saying that her favorite musician is Beyonce. She feels they have a lot in common. 


Junior’s a chip off the ol’ organic gummy block. Wide-eyed and curious, he’s just learning what it means to be An Organic. He thinks his dad is hilarious, his mom is awesome and his sister is, well, he just doesn’t quite know what to make of her. Naturally a bit mischievous, he’s also prone to peer pressure, which can get him into trouble. But it’s mostly in good fun. Junior loves Drake.


According to Sis, her dad’s embarrassing, her mom’s annoying and her brother’s disgusting. And don’t even get her started on most of the kids at school. So lame. A lot of them, like, aren’t even organic. Yuck. Sis spends most of her time with her head buried in her smartphone tapping out emoji-heavy texts to a small group of friends from school. The very privileged few she hasn’t deemed lame.  She’d never admit it, but she loves Taylor Swift.